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When the trumpet kicks in you're fully immersed in the song, humming along like you've known it for ages, and as it fades out you're left wanting more from this incredible band
Discovery Music
These young men carry an early 1990s alternative vibe (think Oasis), courtesy of the timbre of Wright’s vocal. With natural talent and a knack for writing catchy tunes, I’m definitely backing this band early and suggest you do the same.
Kasama, a verb representing teamwork and togetherness. If these lads can achieve that a bit longer than the Gallaghers, then they're on to a winner!
D&G Life Magazine
'Holding Up The Sun' is a relentlessly energetic britpop number, featuring a superb 'Can You Feeeeeel it now!!! singalong moment perfect for the FIFA 19 soundtrack. Give then a listen!
Small Town Sounds
Oasis influenced? Yes. But Oasis copy cats? Absolutely not. It’s the thoughtfulness of the arrangements that impress me the most. Every bar has a purpose, no note is unnecessary, and... have I mentioned the unbelievably catchy ‘Can you feel it now’ line and the superb chorus? What an opener!
Get To The Chorus
New bands take note! This is how you write a chorus. I'd love to stick the chorus for Utopia on repeat, but the genius lies in its context within the rest of the tune. True songwriting mastery!
Stabbed Panda
British outfit channel the energy of Noel Gallagher on this galloping indie-rock belter


Our preferred stage set-up is...
LEAD VOCAL  centre
SECOND GUITAR centre right
BASS GUITAR far right
Of course, a mirror image of this set-up is fine
Please refer to the image below
We have our own full quota of gear,
but if travelling long distance would prefer to just bring drum breakables and one amp